Bridge bites back

Trucks regularly smash in Bayswater’s notorious bridge, but its replacement got one back when a panel dropped onto a car. Luckily there was nothing more serious than a case of shock for the occupants.

THE Bayswater bridge continues to haunt motorists, but this time there was no fault by the motorist when a panel from the replacement bridge’s construction fell and hit a car on Monday. 

Two people were in the car and one was taken to hospital suffering shock.

The new bridge is being built above the old one and will have a clearance of 4.8m, up from the 3.8m that gets crashed into about 10 times a year when people overestimate its clearance.

Crashes were so frequent that local techy Simon Vin set up a site howmanydayssincebayswater to keep track of all the incidents.

He’s reported the most recent bridge-on-car incident but since it wasn’t the original bridge, the official counter remains at “15 days” as we go to print, marking the most recent May 3 occasion when a truck wedged under there.

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