Lego masters show park’s model design

Lego champs Chris McRae and Ryan Masters with librarian Susanna Iuliano.

HYDE PARK has been preserved in Lego form by two local Lego masters who spent two months creating the model.

The pint-sized park project came from Vincent local history librarian Susanna Iuliano who put the call out for modellers to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

WA Brick Society volunteers Chris McRae and Ryan Masters took up the challenge to recreate Hyde Park, leading other volunteers to craft the model brick by brick.

Vincent deputy mayor Suzanne Gontaszewski said she hopes it inspires local kids to get creative about their local neighbourhoods. 

“The model has already attracted interest from the community, including many kids who now have another way to celebrate the history of Hyde Park.”

The Lego model is part of a history display at Vincent Library and Local History Centre, along with photos, maps, art and stories about the area.

The 125th anniversary marks Hyde Park becoming a park, but the site’s human history is much older. 

Before it became a public garden in 1897 it was a popular camping site for swaggies and known as “The Third Swamp”, and earlier it was a significant wetland to Noongar who knew it as “Boodjamooling”. 

It’s on display until September.

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