Gender bender

• The 10 WA performers competing in the 2022 Mx Burlesque State Finals: Amelia Kisses, Autumn Daze, Chloe The Cocaine, Coco Fatale, Danisa Snake, Delza Skye, Foxxxy Curves, Lolly Moon, Matthew Pope and Miss Lady Lace. Photo by Chayla Taylor Photography

It only seems fitting that WA’s sexually-ambiguous burlesque scene has officially entered the post-gender age.

This year’s burlesque state finals in Perth will do away with its Miss and Mr categories, replacing them with the all-encompassing ‘Mx’.

“This competition is now open to all expression of gender identity,” says Mx Burlesque WA producer Melanie Piantoni (aka A’dora Derriere).

“By changing the overall name of the competition to Mx Burlesque Australia, it means that we have only one competition, as previously it was Miss Burlesque Australia and Mr Boylesque Australia. 

“We are dedicated to promoting an open and inclusive environment that gives all performers the freedom to be themselves, so they can present their best art on an equal platform.

“Winners may choose the title that they identify with best – Miss Burlesque, Mr Burlesque or Mx Burlesque, with Mx Burlesque emblazoned on the sashes. “

The semantics may have been tweaked, but the outrageously over-the-top outfits and performances will still be in full force when competitors take to the stage at the Astor Theatre later this month.

“The Mx Burlesque Australia competition is renowned for being a platform for the finalists to go big with their acts,” Piantoni says.

“Over the years we have seen huge props grace the stage, such as a giant crystal gun in a Bond -themed act, a huge mechanical flower which opened up and a performer appeared, and life-sized martini glasses. In the last Miss Burlesque WA competition, the winner Lucy Lovegun came out in a chariot to perform her goddess-themed unique act.”

This year’s WA finals will see 10 performers including Chloe The Cocaine, Foxxxy Curves and Coco Fatale, strut their stuff in the Red Carpet Parade, Striptease and the Unique Performance.

“The striptease category is new as it was previously the traditional burlesque category,” Piantoni says.

The national Burlesque Australia competition has been running for 12 years, with about 500 people usually attending the state finals in Perth.

“The WA state finalists will throw their sparkles into the ring and battle it out for the crown and title, as well as a fabulous swag of spectacular prizes,” Piantoni says.

The 2022 Mx Burlesque WA State finals will be held on June 25 at the Astor Theatre in Mt Lawley.

Tix for the 18+ event at


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