Man struck by bus on flagged corner

File photo: Back in 2016 locals Andrew Main and Geraldine Box warned this crossing would be more dangerous once Charles Street was converted to six lanes.

A PEDESTRIAN had to be rescued from under a bus near the corner of Charles Street and Carr Street last week, a risky intersection that’s long been warned about by local pedestrian and bike safety advocates. 

The man was crossing around dusk on June 1 when he was hit by a bus in the bus lane. Firefighters took about 40 minutes to free him and he was taken to hospital with serious injuries. 

In 2016 the formerly four-lane Charles Street was turned into a six-lane road when two extra bus lanes were added, deleting the median strip and leaving just a skinny tightrope-walk of a kerb between traffic flows.

Local safety advocacy group Bike Friendly Vincent had warned it’d make the roads riskier to cross on foot (“Charles an ‘urban design disaster’,” Voice, March 19, 2016). 

There is a pedestrian crossing at the awkwardly angled Carr Street intersection but it’s a site of frequent confusion given turning traffic gets the green light at the same time as crossing pedestrians.

Three days before the man was hit by the bus, the same intersection was the site of a crash when a car collided with another then mounted the kerb, took out a street light, and sent the other vehicle slamming into a unit block’s gas junction box rupturing gas pipes. 

The first driver tried to flee but was detained by the other car’s passengers and now faces charges of drink driving, ignoring a red light, and failing to stop.


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