Brave run

Ariella (with the biggest smile) runs out onto the WACA with the East Fremantle Football Club women’s team.

THE East Fremantle Football Club weren’t just kicking goals to get top of the ladder when they ran out for their first home game at the WACA last month.

Apart from demolishing Subi 90 – 46, the Sharks helped raise awareness and topped up the coffers of a foundation supporting people with a rare genetic condition.

Joining the women’s team’s run out onto the field was seven-year-old Ariella Italiano, who suffers from the TBC1D24 Mutation; it’s so rare only 120 or so people are diagnosed globally each year.

According to the TBC1D24 Foundation, mutations in the gene can cause epilepsy, deafness, shortened nails, fingers, and toes. 

It may also cause low muscle tone and developmental delays in babies and toddlers. 

The foundation has only been running a little over two years, but fundraising efforts are starting to pick up; it’s almost hit the $50,000 mark just months after clicking over $20,000.

A good part of that was the $9000 the Sharks added to the tally.

Ariella’s mum Brooke Italiano was thrilled by the support from the footy club.

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