Cream of the crop

FOR more than 20 years The Cove Indian Restaurant has established itself as an icon on Perth’s food scene, and having a landmark location has played a big part in that.

But now The Cove is moving on and its beautiful and historic venue in Alfred Cove is awaiting a new generation of restaurateur to give it their own twist.

The restaurant is situated at 568 Canning Highway, meaning there’s a whole lot of potential customers driving past every day. But unlike many restaurants in top locations, it’s got ample parking with 30 bays right at the front door.

The best part, though (in our opinion), is that it gives a heritage gem a new lease on life.

The building used to be the home of Arthur and Muriel Groves, who brought up 28 acres in 1919 and settled in to run a dairy.

A couple of years later the resourceful Arthur built the cement brick home, making all the bricks himself from imported cement.

The dairy flourished and the Groves’ cattle supplied milk throughout Melville and as far away as South Freo and Como; in fact, their farm became a well-known landmark on the way between Freo and Perth.

But as Melville grew, so did its cars, and in 1939 Arthur and Muriel bowed to the inevitable (after many, many notices from the Melville Roads Board about impounded wandering cows) and moved the diary to Wagerup.

Although we can’t imagine it as anything but a restaurant nowadays, it’s had a few uses and would also be perfect for a medical or consulting centre.

568 Canning Hwy, Alfred Cove For lease
Salt Leasing Team
Andrew Shue 0402 733 140

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