Anzac Cottage’s champ earns OAM

ANZAC Cottage at its 90th Anniversary.

ANZAC Cottage has had its share of controversies and the tales of trouble surrounding this historic Mount Hawthorn house will be told this July 10.

A community coming together to build a house for a wounded war vet sounds like a cause everyone could get behind. 

But progress was still dogged in the early days by local opposition that filled newspaper letter pages debating the merits of it being handed to Private Porter, and then there was the later struggle to save the cottage from demolition and preserve it for the public as a museum.

The guided tour and talk is on July 10 at 2pm and 3pm, book via or call Anne Chapple 0411 445 582.

Uncontroversially, Ms Chapple was awarded a medal of the Order of Australia general division at this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours.

Ms Chapple, whose mother also served in the Australian Women’s Army Service in Bibra Lake during World War II, received the OAM “for service to community history”, including her work with the Friends of Anzac Cottage since 2002. 

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