Adios bridge

A FESTIVAL will be held this summer to mark the removal of the notorious and “hilarious” Bayswater bridge (right), known for vehicles routinely getting wedged underneath it despite the “low clearance, 3.8m” sign.

The bridge’s siren sign lures in an average of 10 trucks and vans a year and the 4.8m replacement bridge, part of the Metronet upgrades, will hopefully mean an end to the traffic chaos.

Metronet asked locals how the bridge should be commemorated and farewelled earlier this year, and after 340 submissions they’ve decided to go with a summer festival celebrating the decades of mayhem.

A public art piece is also being commissioned in honour of the bridge with a $45,000 budget for the selected artist who creates “a design that invokes the character and uniqueness of ‘Baysie Bridge’” and that can “respond to the community.”

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