Pen pals

• Exercise your brain at the inter-generational writing workshop.

IMAGINE the novel Trainspotting was written by Barbara Cartland and you might get close to some of the stories emerging from Voices.

Voices is an inter-generational workshop where songwriters, poets, podcasters and writers join forces to come up with creative works.

The seven-week writing course is open to people aged between 15-25 and the over 60s.

The course is being held on Wednesdays at the Willagee Community Centre from August 17 – September 28 at 10am-noon.

A City of Melville initiative, the course includes a spoken word/performance at its “Melville Storylines”.

The course costs $100 and is free for eligible Activelink applicants.

To book go to

After all that mental exertion, head down to Samson Recreation Centre and burn off some steam at their senior’s badminton.

It’s well-known that badminton improves overall fitness and helps promote co-ordination and motor skills.

Playing every day or even three times a week will steadily build your body’s endurance during aerobic activity. 

This endurance and stamina translate into other areas of your life, such as running, gym workouts or cardio fitness.

Long rallies can be a massive calorie burner – competitive badminton players can burn upwards of 600 calories in just an hour of play. 

Samson’s seniors program caters for all skill levels and is a good social outlet with an afternoon cuppa with men and woman after the game.

One session costs $7.50 and you get a discount for 10 at $67.50.

For more info see

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