Rainbow welcome mat out for Perth

A MASSIVE rainbow could be emblazoned on a surface in inner city Perth to make it more welcoming to LGBTQIA+ people.

Perth councillor Catherine Lezer put up the motion calling for staff to investigate costs and possible locations for a rainbow graphic, saying the City of Perth had a “rich and lengthy LGBTQIA+ history”.

It is, and has been, a meeting place for LGBTQIA+ people across the state,” Ms Lezer said.

“I am proud the City supports Pride WA parade, which I and Cr [Liam] Gobbert danced in last year. 

“I am proud we welcome everyone here in the city irrespective of sexual orientation, sex or gender identity.”

In other cities it’s common to make a pedestrian zebra crossing into a rainbow. 

“I was thinking a rainbow crossing would be ideal, however the administration advises Main Roads have many rules about pedestrian crossings,” Cr Lezer said, so she left the options for a floor rainbow location open so staff can investigate areas like pathways or parks. 

Cr Rebecca Gordon spoke against the rainbow idea, saying the council had endorsed the overall 2021-2024 LGBTQIA+ strategic plan that was meant to guide staff on taking specific actions, and directing them 

to find a spot for a rainbow was just councillors getting too involved in admin work. Councillors Di Bain and Brent Fleeton also voted against the rainbow but the majority were in favour of looking into options and costs, so that info will come back to councillors to vote on this year. 

Wounded Pride forgives Perth

THE motion to put a huge rainbow on a city surface inadvertently revealed a til-now secret plan Pride WA was considering, to relocate into a City of Perth property from its long-held home in neighbouring Vincent.

Cr Brent Fleeton pointed out the unexpected revelation in Cr Catherine Lezer’s motion, with text stating “with Pride WA looking to take up residence in the city, what better way to say welcome to the LGBTQIA+ community than a rainbow”.

It’s a sign Pride has well and truly accepted lord mayor Basil Zempilas’ apologies over controversial gender remarks he made on the radio in his early days after being elected.

At the time some key Pride WA members were so incensed they were considering moving their big annual parade out of the city and holding it in Vincent.

But by the time Pride Parade rolled around in 2021 he’d made several apologies and the council had brought in a LGBTQIA+ plan to ensure Perth became more welcoming. The parade went ahead in Perth’s bounds at Gloucester Park in 2021, and the 2022 Parade will return to the streets of Northbridge.

Stories by DAVID BELL

One response to “Rainbow welcome mat out for Perth

  1. Oh no ! This really is beyond the pale. Perth should be welcoming every body but more especially straight married couples and families. What is being done to celebrate their wonderful relationships ? I am not against the G and L community and their lifestyle but they have already had enough done for them and it’s now time to say so and let them adjust and respect the straight people. I will never go to Perth again if this stupidity happens unless it is for an essential reason.

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