Letters 3.9.22

Only the Voice!

PLEASE find my contribution for your appeal. I first saw it in the Fremantle Herald a few months ago.

I live in Inglewood and over the years I’ve had two or three free local papers. 

But now, only the Voice.

Is the Voice a separate paper or one published under different names but adapted to local events such as live sheep exports in Fremantle and the ‘Cocky vigil’ at WA parliament house to save the Carnaby black cockatoos that caught my eye in our copy of the Voice?

Well done!


Chief Chook says: Both are separate papers owned by us Mary and each are chock-a-block with interesting local stories you won’t see anywhere else. Thank you so much for contributing towards healthy, independent news journalism.

Be like Mary

MORE and more people like Mary are getting it.

And it’s not just their copy of the Perth Voice we’re talking about – its the importance of supporting local, independent journalism.

It’s played such an important cultural role for centuries, and can sometimes feel like a comfy bit of furniture that’s always there. But what if you turned around one day to find it had disappeared? 

Would you feel confident your news wasn’t being driven by someone’s corporate agenda? Could you rely on it?

The best way to help support the Voice’s independent journalism is to take out a big ad!! That’s a suggestion for the businesses in town – though we know they’re all still battling through this Covid malaise – but if you don’t have a business, make a contribution to: Herald Reserve, BSB 086-217, Account 63-951-0124, or mail it to PO Box 85, North Fremantle, 6159. Please send a remittance advice, email accounts@fremantleherald. com or text 0438 933 300

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