Pokemon No!

AN ASSAULT spree at Kings Park on Saturday August 27 saw police called and a man arrested on charges of attacking three children and three adults.

The first call to police came at 10.25am and several more followed in the minutes after, all complaining of one man’s behaviour.

It’s been alleged he approached and physically assaulted three children — a 12-year-old girl, a 14-year-old-boy and a 16-year-old-girl – before allegedly stealing the boy’s phone.

The children were reportedly playing Pokemon Go, a popular app-based video game that features many rewards if players visit landmarks like Kings Park.

Two men approached the attacker and he’s alleged to have assaulted both, then assaulted another 20-year-old woman. 

The three children aren’t linked to any of the adults, and the woman wasn’t linked to the two men – the only two who knew each other in this whole fracas. 

Police charged a 38-year-old Maddington man with three counts of aggravated common assault relating to the children, three counts of common assault relating to the adults, and one count of stealing, and he’s off to Perth magistrates court.

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