Letters 17.9.22

No amused

THE appalling scene of Australian Greens leader Adam Bandt, his deputy Mehreen Faruqi and many of their followers virtually celebrating the death of our former Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II, within minutes of its announcement permanently puts an end to the myth that the Greens are a “humanitarian” party. 

Their behaviour since the announcement of our Queen’s death – the very same monarch that they pledged allegiance to when they were sworn into Parliament – is more fitting for a university campus politics club. 

It reveals exactly the true nature of the people we are dealing with here. 

Rank ideological politics and the ability to kick someone while they’re down rules supreme with these people. 

It is nothing short of despicable the way that Bandt and Faruqi have conducted themselves, in a way that is completely unfitting for a Member of Parliament let alone the leader and deputy leader of a political party in the Australian Parliament.

They and the people supporting them should hang their heads in shame.

It is completely un-Australian.

Matt Eggleston
West Perth

Very interesting…

RAISING interest rates in order to reduce the amount of money that people will then have to spend as a way of reducing inflation, that sacred cow, is utter lunacy when all that happens in that the banks rake in vast amounts of money, and household stress is exponentially increased.

This will only stop when enough people, if not ALL mortgagees, simply stop paying any mortgage until this is rectified. The action is bound to be successful if there is united action. 

We want to pay our mortgages, but not when they become excessive due to a crazy policy.

Is there such a thing as a mortgagees’ union?

If not, it might be urgent to start one, before it is banned.

Carla van Raay

Get it right

LET’S try and get it right.

Recently the WA government announced a plan to take up the excess power generated by solar rooftop during the day.

About $100 million will be spent installing massive batteries at the Kwinana and Collie power stations; sounds OK but if the government is serious about getting us into EVs then surely the money would be better spent subsidising battery tech at home. 

Like many West Australians, I have solar on my roof; initially I was getting paid a reasonable amount for the power I generated but that has now dropped to around 7 cents a kilowatt and then I have to buy it back again at 24 cents – a loser. 

We are all generating so much daytime solar that it is a problem for the grid that’s only going to get worse.

Friends in the UK who own EVs all have home batteries – it’s the only practical way the system can work. 

No one I know with an EV drives to a service station and sits there for hours. Your EV doesn’t need to be fully charged every time and that’s the reason service stations will eventually become obsolete. 

Just plug the car in at the end of the day and use your own solar; we are told it’s the power that the grid doesn’t want anyway so home batteries would take that stress out of the system, and we would also have the extra benefit of the car batteries as backup during a blackout. 

Coffee shops with charging points and supermarkets will be the norm for putting another hundred ks in the car while you shop. It’s already happening in Europe.

What is being proposed here will make EVs further out of reach for most of us.  

J Paterson
White Gum Valley.

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