Bounce for Leedy

Junkadelic Brass Band member Jack “Theloniuos Punk” Sirett, Leederville Connect member Paul Clements, Pinchos owner Justin Bell, mayor Emma Cole, WAFL CEO Michael Roberts, and Junkadelic members Shark Finn Owen and Ken “Papa Funkin. P” Allen.

LEEDERVILLE welcomes the WAFL grand final for the first time this weekend, turning into a carnival town to welcome fans for the West Perth v Claremont clash. 

The WAFL’s first choice was Optus Stadium due to its bigger capacity, having fitted in near 30,000 people for the 2021 grand final. But that stadium’s busy hosting cricket this year so Leederville Oval with its 14,000 capacity got the job. 

The WA Football Commission said in a media statement it was “disappointing” to not get the bigger capacity Optus Stadium, but Leederville Oval was the best available option. 

There’s been some chatter in WAFL circles that Leederville’s often too muddy for a grand final but WAFC CEO Michael Roberts said he was confident Vincent council would have the turf in good order in time.

Sunny days

“As part of their bid, the City of Vincent made a commitment to have the turf match-day ready,” Mr Roberts said.

“It’s been done by bits and has had limited foot traffic since the rejuvenation started. With plenty of sunny days coming over the next couple of days, it’s looking pretty good.”

Along with spending money to fix the turf, close the streets, and funding the October 1 Footyville Festival in nearby Leederville town centre, Vincent is spending an unknown amount on “sponsorship fees”.

Former councillor Dudley Maier lodged a question at the September 20 council meeting criticising that secrecy: “Given that any adjustment to the City’s budget must eventually be made public, why is the administration failing to make public the proposed changes to the budget prior to the Council giving tacit approval?” he asked.

Vincent CEO David MacLennan said it’d been the WAFC who’d requested sponsorship details be confidential.


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