Plush push pampers PICA fans’ posteriors

Until now this was the only way to stay comfortable on PICA’s seats. From Pica’s “No Numb Bums 2022” campaign.

“THE SEATS. I know it’s unlikely there’s anything you can do but they are ungodly.”

After years of complaints PICA is finally upgrading the notoriously uncomfortable seating in its performance space, calling on donors to take pity on the backsides of audiences and buy them some sittable seats.

Donors usually give to the not-for-profit Perth Institute of Contemporary Art to help fund exhibitions of up and coming artists. But the fundraising focus this season is on seats, currently so uncomfortable they could only be part of some masochistic performance art sculpture. 

They’re a frequent point of contention by online reviewers who end up more focused on what’s under them than what’s on stage.

“I understand budget constraints, but those seats are so bad, I really have to think twice about attending any show in the performance space,” one eventgoer opined.

“I need to comment on how uncomfortable the seating was,” another wrote. “I was eager for the performance to finish just so I could stand up.”

They’re currently at $23,770 of their $100,000 target, and taking donations at

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