Stumblebum lurker snapped

SECURITY cameras are usually installed in hopes of identifying a felon by face, but a Voice reader in Mount Hawthorn has shared a tale of a bumcrack bandit.

“I was sitting down at my kitchen table talking to my wife and then we heard a noise and saw a shadow of a person going past our dining room window,” writes the reader, who asked to stay unnamed.

“I knew it wasn’t any of my family members as my oldest son had already left for work and the rest of my kids were getting ready for their day. 

“So I raced to my back door and long and behold me, I see a tall numbskull with his butt crack showing jumping my two back fences. 

“I yelled out to him, ‘what the feck are you doing?’ [and] copped a mouthful of abuse back. 

“What the numbskull didn’t realize is that it was all caught on camera. 

“The playback was a laugh and a half but the police found his stash and his shoes later that day that he had left behind. 

“So just to let the numbskull know that if I see your butt crack again you maybe taking a nice long holiday at the Grey Bar Hotel.”

Our correspondent says “the police have kept the file open and I remember his face.

“These days it pays to have cameras up back and front – especially when you have a laneway at the back of your house.”

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