Charge to the future

City of Vincent ranger Russell Hallberg and mayor Emma Cole with an EV charger – soon they could be available on verges throughout the city. File photo.

VINCENT council is hoping to work with state government agencies to install charging points for electric vehicles on roadside verges when Vincent’s power goes underground.

While council CEO David MacLennan says the response from Western Power and Synergy to a proposed trial has so far been a “blanket ‘no’”, the city hadn’t given up and was making some progress.

Responding to a question from the public gallery from Highgate resident Dudley Maier, Mr MacLennan said the idea had already been kicked around by councillors and raised by other residents.

“We want to future proof the new infrastructure during the underground power program to accommodate the current demand for on-street EV charging and prepare for the EV future,” Mr MacLennan said.

“This is more applicable for the City of Vincent given the number of older houses without onsite parking and the large number of apartment buildings we have.

“The rest of the worl is moving ahead to accommodate an EV future and we would like to ensure our residents are not left behind,” he said.

Mr Maier pointed out that timing the installation with sending the power underground could have significant cost advantages.

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