Bayswater vape shop crackdown

AS vape shops pop up near schools and parks, new rules proposed at Bayswater council could see any new ones restricted from opening in sensitive areas.

Councillor Catherine Ehrhardt lodged a notice of motion at the October 25 council meeting calling for options on how to exert planning control over where vape shops, tobacconists and cigar lounges can open.

Currently they’re allowed to open anywhere a shop is permitted, meaning they have even less restrictions than a liquor store. 


“I’m concerned about the proliferation of these stores,” Cr Ehrhardt told us ahead of the meeting, especially when they’re operating in line of sight of schools where they could entice kids into taking up a vaping habit.

“They’re popping up everywhere … we need to do something about it, and have the council and community decide where they want these shops.”

Depending on how community consultation goes, potential restricted areas could be near schools, parks, in town centres, or near homes. 

inspired by Vincent council’s moves to crack down on smoking and vape purveyors. 

They have draft rules in the works that’d ban new smoke shops from opening near residences, child cares, schools, medical centres, offices, temples, restaurants, or parks, and they wouldn’t be allowed on ground floors. 

Cr Ehrhardt’s motion was supported 8-1 and options are due to be presented to councillors at December’s meeting. 


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