Sushi salvation

IS convenience a euphemism for poor quality?

Maybe in some quarters, but a lot of eateries are now managing to strike the balance between good quality food and everyday affordability.

Under that category I would file Sushi Izu, which in 2011 brokered a deal with Woolworths to have outlets in their stores.

I can picture the foodie hipsters reeling back in horror, clutching their Michelin Guide and tensing their skinny-jean buttocks at the thought of the Voice eating sushi from a supermarket.

But all the sushi is freshly made in-store, it looks authentic and I’ve heard good reports, so I was keen to give it a try.

The occasion was one that many parents experience on an annual basis – the kids’ Christmas School Concert.

An event which swings wildly from pure joy (when your child is on-stage) to unadulterated torture (kindie kids singing the Minions song for 20 minutes straight).

On a baking hot 37 degree day, super-strength lager and sushi was the only way forward.

If you’re after some sushi for the kids, the dinky bite-size hoso rolls are the perfect size and great value at $7.50 for 12 pieces.

In-between singing about world peace and love, my kids tucked into their trays of cooked tuna and avocado (both $7.50).

They’re fine for adults too and the mixed version ($7.50) has some salmon in there.

My wife can’t go past the chicken katsu rolls and for ($10) you get 10 chunky wheels of the go-to bogan classic.

These were really enjoyable – crispy batter on the chicken and lots of sesame seeds dotted on the outside of the rice wheel, adding a nice texture.

Thankfully they weren’t slathered in mayo and had just the right amount to keep things moist and interesting.

As the fund-raising auction was about to start (my wife made me bid $200 for three papier-mâché Wise Men) I got stuck into the cooked tuna roll with avocado ($10).

The lovely fresh avo didn’t disappoint and went perfectly with the tuna and sticky rice. Another winner that really hit the mark.

Sushi Izu also do a range of hybrid “crunchy” rolls with fried onions sprinkled on top, as well as nigiri aburi, salads, summer rolls, gyoza and all the old favourites like teriyaki chicken, tempura prawn, Californian and veggie.

A great option for parties or get-togethers in the summer is the platters, ranging from 28 to 65 pieces and covering all types of sushi.

With the sun setting and the year 7s ushering a cardboard donkey off the stage, another Christmas concert was done and I had enjoyed a lovely feast of sushi in the sun.

Sushi Izu
Various locations across Perth metro including Adelaide Terrace, Murray Street Mall and the Galleria in Morley.


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