Celsius decision due

Celsius’ design was not loved by local residents or Vincent council planners, but it only has to win over three members of a state planning panel to go ahead.

THE future face of North Perth is to be decided this week with the Development Assessment Panel to rule on a proposed $80 million, 13-storey apartment block on Fitzgerald Street.

Developer Celsius’ plan for two towers, 13 and 11 storeys, would occupy the block stretching from Raglan to Alma Road.

Along with a huge number of locals who are vehemently against the plan, Vincent council planning staff have recommended the assessment panel refuse the design.

The council’s usual maximum height for the area is six storeys and a report by Vincent planners slams the design as 

“incompatible within its setting … the height, bulk, scale and setbacks of the towers is not consistent with the existing or future character of the immediate or wider locality”.

The block backs on to single-storey homes, which would suffer “a significant negative impact” in amenity according to the extensive 58-page recommendation against the project. 

The proposal goes before the DAP on December 16. 

Vincent council has two representatives on the DAP, with the remaining three members appointed by the state government. 

In October Celsius’ managing director Richard Pappas told us the 13-storey design would be better than other designs which might be closer to the planning rules, as a tall, slender building would avoid a wide box covering more of the block. 

Most nearby residents still didn’t like the towers according to the community consultation: Two thirds of submissions were against the project, and the closer people lived to the site the more passionate their objections.


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