LETTERS 28.1.23

Facts please

NOT pleased with failure of the last 25 years to use Australia Day to push for a republic or change the Australian flag, the rally from the usual crowd has moved on to now change the day itself.

The problem is our schools don’t teach ‘historical fact’ anymore.

The decision to settle a penal colony was made on 18 August 1786 by Lord Sydney, Secretary of the Treasury.

Does one therefore think the City of Sydney or the University of Sydney should change its name? I think not.

The First Fleet actually arrived in Botany Bay on 18 January 1788 but considered the location unsuitable for settlement. Whilst anchored in the Bay, the First Fleet were astonished to see two ships under French colours, later confirmed to be a French expedition under the command of La Perouse.

This observation would have increased the anxiety of the First Fleet arrivals to settle and so on 25 January 1788 (not 26 January) Captain Arthur Phillip sailed into Port Jackson and ordered the rest of the fleet to follow.

Australia Day simply recognises, 8 days after arrival, the foundation of the penal colony.

This is like WA Day recognising the Foundation of WA.

Had Lord Sydney not made the decision to settle, we could all be speaking French.

Paul Collins

Nasho gold

I AGREE with the article quoting Sid Breeden (“Older Nashos feel left behind,” Voice, January 14 2023) as I was one of these Nashos, and now in my 80s.

We had basic training in the arms (the .303 Enfield, Bren machine gun, mortars etc and all explosives) by the returned regulars from the Korean conflict who were hard but fair, always saying if conflict did break out again in Asia we would be first in line to be deployed. 

We were regular army, paid and on call 24 hours a day, no different than those that went overseas.

Healthwise now the Gold card would be greatly appreciated for all of us surviving Nashos.

Don Clatworthy

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