New life for cafe  

THE iconic Greens & Co cafe in Leederville is in line to become an Indian eatery and pub.

The quirky and chaotic Greens & Co, often stylised “Greens & Cock” due to frequent additions of a painted CK to their sign, closed in April 2021 leaving a large, solemn shopfront in the middle of the Oxford Street strip.

The new tenants want to open a 200-patron Indian gastro pub called Jagga Daku where Indian style craft beers are served alongside yoghurt-based lassis and the owner’s traditional recipe for masala chai. 

Company director restaurateur Rohit Kaushal has previously managed Boba Bites and Bollywood Lounge in Karatha. 

The place is named for a Punjab rebel hero who lived circa 1901-1932 and who became known as a Robin Hood figure for his charitable banditry during British colonial rule. 

It needs Vincent council approval to changed the use to tavern, with officers recommending approval given it’ll “reactivate a vacant, large and prominent tenancy in the Leederville town centre”. There were no public objections during consultation.

It’s proposed to stay open til midnight, in line with other nearby bars. 

Greens & Co closed in April 2021, but a painstaking recreation of the famed “Greens & Cock” sign persisted long after the doors were shut. 

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