All at sea

IF you’re walking through the Perth Cultural Centre at night, you might see a giant projection of folk doing strange things inside a sea container.

Don’t worry, it’s not a dodgy stream from Fremantle Ports, but a performance by The Blue Room Theatre. 

Throughout late February and early March they will be performing five shows inside a sea container at The Rechabite’s Birdbath beer garden. The venue opened in December, activating a previously unused concourse beside the State Library. 

The live shows from the Birdbath will be simultaneously projected onto the side of the library, so passers-by can get a sneaky peek.

It’s all part of the Screen to the Dream project, with each institution at the Perth Cultural Centre projecting works onto the library’s brutalist facade.

“The Blue Room Theatre’s collaboration is the only one that will feature live performance,” says BRT performer Briannah Davis.

“A total of 16 artists from The Blue Room Theatre’s 600 Seconds Program (recently performed in Summer Nights Festival) will share five nights of live performances within the sea container at the Birdbath.

“Audiences can grab a drink and pick up their silent disco headphones from the bar to tune into the soundscapes of the performances.” 

The shows kick off with The Golden Rules, a two-hander dance piece about fashion and body image that riffs on noughties icons Trinny and Susannah, starring Davis and Tom Mullane.

If The Thick of It is more your thing you’ll enjoy The State, a camp political satire that sends up Aussie nationalism with kings and puppets.

Or get trapped deep inside your head in the psychological mind bender Imaginary Sounds, a performance piece and original soundwork by Portia Rose andDavid Mitchell.

Another claustrophobic-inspired show 1.5 metres squaredby Brent Rollins, looks at what happens when “five people are confined to an impossible amount of space? Are there limits to limitation? Or could it be limitless?”

Last but not least is Splice by Xin Hui Ong. The ambitious hour-long show examines if there is such a thing as free will in a seemingly deterministic world in a multidimensional universe of infinite possibilities…

All the shows at The Rechabite Birdbath are 10 minutes long and are repeated between 7.30pm-8.30pm, apart from Splice which is an hour-long performance.

The Golden Rules is on February 24, The State on March 1, Imaginary Sounds on March 2, 1.5 metres squared on March 3 and Splice on March 4. 


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