Pictures worth a thousand words

First Nations photographer Maria Maraltadj.

WITH their experiences often misrepresented or told by non-Aboriginal people, four First Nations photographers will share their stories firsthand in an exhibition of recent works at the Perth Centre of Photography.

The “Exposure: New Voices in Australian Photography” project was started by PCP board member Glenn Iseger Pilkington, intending to make sure First Nations voices were heard first hand and correctly represented.

Kimberley artists Mary-Lou Oriyarli Divili, Maria Fredericks, Nuriah Jadai and Maria Maraltadj were mentored and given resources and professional opportunities through Kimberley charity Camera Story to develop a body of work for the exhibition.

“This exhibition is the culmination of years of work for both PCP and the artists and will provide Boorloo audiences with a unique glimpse into the lives and imaginations of artists and storytellers living and working across this state,” Iseger Pilkinton says.

Jadai, a Marty and Mangala woman, sought to use photography to show how country and people are one. 

“This Exposure program respected our time and space to make art,” she said.

“Making art on my own country, is a feeling that I cannot describe. It’s where I’m from, where I belong. It belongs to me. I could tell my story and be connected with country.”

The exhibition runs March 11 to May 13 at PCP’s King Street Art Centre, 357 Murray Street Perth, opening times at

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