Gas gig highlights threat to Kimberley

Lock the Gate WA community campaigner Kirsty Symmons and local musician Anna Schneider.

HYDE PARK hosts a free music gig with local musos jamming against the growth of fracking projects in the Kimberley on April 23 at 1pm.

Campaigners Lock the Gate are bringing in local musos Anna Schneider, Georga Rath, and Broome’s Tanya Ransom, along with Banjo Lucia, who’s following in the musical and activist path of parents John Butler and Mama Kin.

Schneider said “the threat fracking poses to the Kimberley is increasing every day, with the McGowan government recently granting approval to Buru Energy to clear native vegetation so it can conduct seismic testing without so much as an environmental assessment.

“The more people in the city that know about how fracking companies are gearing up to trash the precious Kimberley, the greater the chance that we can stop it before it’s too late,” Ms Schneider said

The anti-fracking concert comes amid a renewed PR effort by Woodside to win over the eco-minded with ads stating “we still need gas to provide a stable source of power 24/7” and another that says “hydrogen, hey? Who would have thought that an energy source like this could help power the world, and emit only water when used?” 

However Woodside uses a blend of “green” and “blue” hydrogen, and the latter evolves a lot of fracked methane, leading environmentalist groups like the Conversation Council of WA to accuse the company of  “greenwashing”.

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