LETTERS 15.4.23

For women

I JUST want to correct the record, in the article “Some Dicks don’t get it”(Voice, April 1, 2023).

In this article the UK women’s rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (AKA Posie Parker) is falsely referred to as an “anti-trans” activist. 

Keen visited Perth last month, holding an event where women were given a chance to speak about how the erasure of the sex category of women is affecting their lives. 

This erasure was instigated in Australia by the Gillard government in 2013 with the exclusion of sex as a protected characteristic and its replacement with  “gender” in the federal sex discrimination act. 

Gender, in this act, being a person’s personal preferred feeling/expression/identity of gender, a circular and empty definition, untethered to reality.  

Subsequently in many states such as Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria, legislation has been passed that allows men to “self ID” as women and in so doing are able to access female sex-protected rights such as access to women-segregated bathrooms, women’s prisons, women’s sports, women’s shortlists, domestic violence shelters, breast feeding services and lesbian dating sites and activities. 

This legislation has been passed under the rubric of “inclusion”. 

Currently the WA government is likely to pass similar laws, with little commotion or debate. 

The problem is women have not been consulted, neither have they given their consent for this to happen. 

“Self ID” eliminates ANY benchmark for what a women is, it allows ANY man to claim to be a legal women and access women protected places, rendering them women NOT protected spaces.

This is why many women try and speak out. 

When they speak out they are always verbally assailed upon and bullied by men. 

Many have been physically attacked by trans rights advocates.

Take a look at what happened in Hobart and Auckland last month at Let Women Speak events there. 

In Auckland a 72-year-old women was assaulted and received a fracture to her head, the media portrayed the protestors’ thuggery as a victory for “inclusion and diversity”. 

Another big problem is the so-called “affirmative care model” involving “transition” of minors, this is advocated for by activists, the Greens and the ALP and lead lobby groups like ACON. 

Overseas experience has shown this to be very contested and dangerous, see what has happened in the UK with the Tavistock gender clinic. 

“Transition” involves taking experimental drugs to interfere with puberty, wrong sex hormones and mutilating surgeries. 

Anyhow, make up your own mind, have a look at Standing for Women on Youtube, you can decide on your own descriptors for Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull. 

Ray Brown
North Perth

The Ed says:
We think it’s an apt description. You can dress it up any way you want, but Kellie-Jay just doesn’t like the whole transfolk idea.


REGARDING your article, “Some dicks don’t get it: Support pours in for storytime drag queen” (Voice, April 1, 2023).

It would appear that the City of Bayswater and your paper would have people believe that “Support pours in for storytime drag queen” and are therefore culpable of pushing this transgender agenda  on toddlers. 

Being such a controversial topic, surely then, you should also include what consultation process took place beforehand and provide evidence of said support.

The article suggests that the Drag Queen Storytime events at Maylands Library have been targeted by homophobic protest flyers. 

That’s very inflammatory and divisive language used, and unbecoming for someone that promotes respectful inclusivity. 

It could be argued instead, that the protest flyers are a result of parents having concerns that toddlers should not be exposed to a sexualised transgender movement, that it simply isn’t age appropriate for toddlers and that it could possibly affect a child’s mental health in an adverse way. 

They may very well argue that it’s also a form of sexual grooming and that these councils and public libraries have a moral and ethical duty to protect young innocent toddlers rather than pander to a minority group.

It was only a few years ago that drag queens were performing at gay clubs or the occasional fringe festival as adult entertainment, why then in this strange social shift, should everything pride, rainbows, trans activism and drag be thrust upon toddlers and young people when they are naturally inclusive and unprejudiced.

The article seemed to make it too personal about the drag queen Cougar Morrison; it should not be about him/her, you could have any drag queen reading story time, regardless of how they are dressed, the controversy would still be the same and the objections should be heard rather than vilified in such a biased and demeaning way.

Gene Lorenzon
Mt Hawthorn

The Ed says: Gene, drag queens and people with a transgender identity are not the same thing, but aside from that, let’s be clear: No one – ever – has turned gay because someone in a sparkly frock read them The Hungry Caterpillar. They might learn that it’s ok if people don’t fit ‘the mold’, and that’s a good lesson to carry through your life.

I’ll be voting no to Voice

THE TV news coverage of the launch of the “Yes” campaign for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum, which will be held later this year, I found poses more questions than it answers.

To the woman who attended it and said her reason for supporting the Voice was to get her son and grandson out of jail – “because jail’s not a very good place”… What exactly is it that these people think they’re going to get out of the referendum?

To be treated differently before the law than the other 26 million Australians?

This only re-enforces my view that I will be voting NO to the Voice referendum.

All Australians need to be treated exactly the same before the law.

To write it into our Constitution that one group of Australians is special and has more importance than another goes totally against everything that we stand for as Australians.

And the Federal Labor Government is really keeping everyone in the dark about what the Voice is really all about. All the more reason to vote NO.

Matt Eggleston
West Perth

Ed’s note: The Voice will only advise the government of the day so it can make decisions that address, rather than compound, Australia’s legacy of dispossession and ethnocide – including the misrepresentation of First Nations people in our legal system. It won’t be a magic bullet and won’t hand Indigenous Australians special privileges, but even the discussion we’re having about why a mechanism is needed, helps.

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