Elon Musk’s Starship is the biggest rocket ever built, but despite its impressive height and girth it could only manage a “wet launch” on Monday and didn’t get off the ground.

I wonder if the same psychology applies to rockets as other areas of life – you need a big It could apply to burgers too and my mind was racing as I parked outside Bad Love Burger Co in West Perth.

Tucked away on Harrogate Street, a block or so behind Manny’s Music, the burger joint is off the main thoroughfare and you probably wouldn’t pass it on your interstellar travels.

It’s a nice location though with plenty of leafy verge trees, swish apartments, small businesses and The Exchange bar across the road. 

The burger joint had a small elevated alfresco and plenty of seating inside, where you could order using a QR code or at the till.

The interior was modern and uncluttered with a mix of high bar tables and standard lower ones. There was also a rather funky and kitsch “Bad Love” neon sign on the wall. 

Classic rock songs were blaring away in the background and I spent 10 minutes explaining to my young kids why there was once a grown man called Meat Loaf.

I’m a bit old school when it comes to burgers and prefer the patties thick and not smashed into oblivion, so hats off to Bad Love for having a range of signature smashed burgers and thicker ones. Great thinking with both camps covered.

The menu had a range of beef, chicken and veggie burgers as well as a small range of sides like loaded fries and popcorn chicken.

It was pretty classical with no heart-attack towers or fusion monstrosities, but there was a slight deep south of America spicy vibe.

The place was licensed and had a great range of beers including plenty of Beerfarm tipples like Royal Haze.

After ordering it wasn’t long before the staffer was back with my Double Bad ($17.50).

First off, the brioche bun was outstanding – super soft and fresh with that trademark buttery-yellow tinge.

The burger had been well constructed and despite being a double, I could pick it up and bite into the bun without everything jettisoning out the sides.

All the ingredients were top notch with the cheese, pickles, grilled onion and lettuce complementing the “OKLA-smash” Angus patties.

But the masterstroke was the Dr Paul’s Crying Tiger hot sauce. It was a mild number that didn’t singe your tastebuds, adding a gentle and flavoursome heat to the burger.

Across the table my kids were tucking into their Love Bugs Combo (beef burger with ketchup and cheese and small fries $11).

It was the perfect size for my young kids and they managed it all (usually a kid’s portion is way too big or small, so hats off to Bad Love for getting it right). 

I’ve previously visited Bad Love as a civilian and enjoyed their Southern Love chicken burger, which was just as good as their beef varieties and had a lovely buffalo hot sauce.

The service was good throughout with lots of smiles from staffers, and the place felt family friendly and had a relaxed vibe. Bad Love is up there with the top burger places I’ve visited in Perth and definitely got my tastebuds fired-up.

Next time I might get a triple, but I don’t know what that says about my manhood… 

Bad Love Burger Co
39 Harrogate Street, West Leederville


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