Skaters gear up

Three wheeled, for now: Scooters of the future at Bert Wright Park.

SKATEBOARDERS, cyclists, BMXers, bike-poloists and rollerbladers are being called on to have their say about what they need in Bayswater.

Having now opened its flagship Bayswater Skate Park at Wotton Reserve, Bayswater council’s working on a $50,000 skate and BMX strategy to serve wheelie sports across the rest of the city for the next decade. 

Bayswater mayor Filomena Piffaretti said: “We know skateboarding, scooting and BMX riding are becoming increasingly popular and we’re keen for our community to share their experiences so we can better understand their needs and preferences. 

“Whether you’re keen to build your little one’s confidence through smaller skate elements added to a path at your local park or are a fan of purpose-built facilities like the one at Crimea Reserve in Morley, we want to hear from you.”

The council already has a couple more wheelie projects in the half-pipeline, with a mountain bike skills zone and pump track soon to be built under the Redcliffe Bridge, and a pocket park on the way for Coode Street Reserve which will have some low-key skate and parkour elements. 

Comments are sought via https://engage.bayswater. until May 14. 

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