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• A grab from Tinyware Games’ Misc. A Tiny Tale.

THIRTEEN WA-based game developers have been given a financial leg up through Screenwest’s new Digital Games Production Fund.

Screenwest’s digital games manager Mark Smith said the fund, which was launched in December last year, aimed to help smaller developers and studios turn their dreams into a reality.

Since the last funding available for game developers was announced in 2019, the sector in WA has been growing and Mr Smtih said there were more than double the number of applicants this time around.

The multi-staged scheme supports developers in all stages of production as well as “after their game has released, through marketing, localisation and porting to new consoles to reach a larger audience”.

“Perth isn’t short of talent in the games industry, but that talent has traditionally moved out of the state or the country to secure work.

“By giving some of these small, talented studios a leg up with developing and releasing their games, the plan is that these studios will be able to be self-sustaining,” Mr Smith said.

Tinyware Games lead developer Michael Pearce received a production grant and believes the game development scene 

in Perth is growing and “funds from Screenwest and other bodies are the stepping stone we need to really show the government and other countries that there’s something here.

“The seeds have been placed for studios to start growing to become sustainable businesses,” Mr Pearce said.

“If those seeds keep growing and support continues, I think we’ll be looking at a really great place to be a developer. 

“The next few years will really define what happens and what studios can help lead the success of Perth as a developers’ hub.”


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