Can exercise help cancer sufferers?

02. 773NEWSMT LAWLEY researcher Terry Boyle (left) wants to find out how often non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivors get out and about.

The research officer at the WA Institute of Medical Research has won a $25,000 grant from the WA cancer council to fund the project, which could guide future council advice to survivors.

Dr Boyle will fit 200 sufferers of the diverse group of blood cancers with an accelerometer to track exercise levels.

“The main aim is just to look at how much physical activity that non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivors are doing and how much sitting they do.

“There’s been some research that shows physical activity can have a positive effect on things like quality of life, depression and fatigue amongst people who have been diagnosed with NHL, so we’re trying to get a picture of how much activity survivors of this cancer are doing.”

In his spare time Dr Boyle says “I like doing physical activity! I feel obliged: I like running, I play golf every now and then.”


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