Council backs Leedy 1am close

DESPITE locals waging a strong campaign against it, the Leederville Hotel looks likely to be granted its extended trading permit after a split Vincent council decided not to object.

The final decision rests with the state racing, gaming and liquor department.

Hotels are meant to close at midnight but the Leedy wants its indoor area to close at 1am, as it’s been doing for six years.

Sixty-two locals, including diehard Leedy critics Stuart Lofthouse (from Greens and Co) and Debbie Saunders opposed the extension.

The campaign against the hotel included posters being circulated that blamed the hotel for noise, wee, rowdiness and vomit.

Council community services chief Rob Boardman said the Leedy was “unfairly” blamed for everything that goes on in the area. He acknowledged however it was difficult to sometimes get in touch with Leedy staff when, as part of its extended permit, the hotel had committed to establishing a “hotline” so locals could report problems.

Sixteen businesses supported the extension application.

Leederville general manager Jason Antczak says the club hasn’t had a complaint all year about the midnight to 1am slot.

“The hotel has, for right or wrong, been blamed for many of the negative aspects that alcohol has bought to the precinct—considering that there are many licensed premises in the area the hotel seems to be singularly held culpable,” he said.

“The majority of claims have been both unsubstantiated by the City of Vincent and racing, gaming and liquor.

“For a hotel with a licence of over 2000 it is run with much consideration for the local community, residents and business owners.

Security staff maintained a 200m radius to handle patrons leaving on busy nights and to make sure they didn’t take drinks.

He says the hotel contributes to the community, backing St Patrick’s day and the Leederville Carnivale, and signing up to the Vincent Accord and the Leederville Connect community group. The council says no noise complaints have been lodged recently.

Three councillors opposed the continued later hours—Ros Harley, Dudley Maier and John Pintabona—but were outvoted.

Following the vote, Mr Lofthouse and Ms Saunders took aim at the council saying it “ignores the majority of its ratepayers” to satisfy one.


3 responses to “Council backs Leedy 1am close

  1. Residents have complained about noise for years and I have personally. Of course there are “no complaints”, we’ve all given up trying. We don’t the councillors get off their ***** and door knock local residents to get all the feedback they need. Oh wait, that’s right, they would not get the answer they’re looking for. Silly me. Scratch that thought.

  2. I’m currently reading this on Christmas Eve as my family cannot go to sleep due to the noise from the Leederville hotel. We live on Shakespeare about 8 blocks away and the noise sounds like it’s coming from next door. The pub does attract the wrong people. Every local knows that you simply don’t go into Leederville on a Wednesday night as it is overrun by drunken idiots.

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