A bone to pick

• An ibis out for a feed by Nando’s bins. Photo supplied

• An ibis out for a feed by Nando’s bins. Photo supplied

CHICKEN bones, ibis poo and garrulous crows are irking residents who live beside Nando’s in Mt Lawley.

A local resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says Nando’s overflowing bins attract up to a dozen crows and four ibis every day.

“I regularly come out of my front door to find chicken bones in my garden and bird droppings on the pavement,” he says.

“My neighbour went to clean his gutters and found a pile of chicken bones in them.

“Funnily enough, since the store has been closed for renovations the problems have stopped.”

The anonymous resident says he’d mentioned the problem— ongoing for nine months—to staff around a month ago but nothing was done. Another resident— a FIFO worker who wishes to remain anonymous—told the Voice she struggles to sleep when home because of the murder of crows squawking on her roof.

The Voice understands chicken bones dropped by the birds have been found in gardens up to five lots from the Beaufort Street store.

Nando’s HQ in Victoria didn’t respond to the Voice’s questions.


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