Units dead

THE proponents behind a plan to install 12 units on a single block at 99 Palmerston Street have dropped their fight at the state administrative tribunal.

Last July Vincent city council rejected architect Kim Bevilaqua’s plan for the three-storey complex partly because of “negative impact on the adjoining properties”.

One nearby neighbour said, “we think that 12 units on one block is ridiculous”.

The applicants appealed to the powerful but unelected SAT hopeful it would override the rejection, but this week mayor Alannah MacTiernan announced the appeal had been dropped.

“They no longer wish to pursue the matter in front of the SAT,” she told councillors.

“I understand the property has been sold and I predict the process will start all over again.”

Mr Bevilaqua described the mediation process as frustrating.

“It’s caused a lot of pain for my clients and cost them a lot of money.”

He says the council had been largely satisfied with revised planning aspects and dimensions and a few aesthetic issues were the only remaining sticking points. “There’s no planning issues left, it all comes down to aesthetic and taste,” he says. “They essentially killed it, killed it for my clients, that’s for sure.” The single house that had been on the site has been demolished.by DAVID BELL

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