Peri-peri annoying

03. 775NEWSNO, it’s not a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds—it’s a house beside Nando’s overflowing bins in Mt Lawley.

Loose garbage has attracted up to a dozen crows and several ibis every day, irking residents with droppings, noise and chicken bones (Voice, April 13, 2013).

After reading last week’s front page story, council health inspectors conducted a site inspection.

“The owners have been advised of the necessary actions and the timeframe required to resolve this situation,” Vincent CEO John Giorgi says.

“The council is strongly concerned about all issues that have the potential to impact on the health and well-being of residents and visitors to Vincent, including those that have the potential to attract vermin.”

The council confirmed it had received a complaint about the bins in December.

Local Sue Gregory contacted the Voice with more tales of ornithological misery.

“I live three doors away and regularly get chicken bones on my roof and down my chimney, also peri peri sauce packets,” she sighed.

Locals told the Voice the problem had been ongoing for nine months.

For the second week running the Voice contacted Nando’s HQ in Victoria and it didn’t get back to us. The Beaufort Street store is closed for renovations.


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