Reforming choir music

04. 775NEWSA HOMELESS Perth choir is preparing to take centre stage in this year’s WA heritage festival.

The Spirit of the Streets choir—formed in 2007 to help disadvantaged people—will star in The Streets of Northbridge.

The musical drama will trace the highs and lows of Northbridge’s colourful past.

The motley choir includes singers with autism, Down’s syndrome, depression and alcoholism.

Last year it played 40 gigs, including concerts at Telethon, St Bart’s homeless shelter and the Salvation Army.

Choir member Harry Mithen says the production will include famous characters from world history: “We are resurrecting some famous ghosts, including Johann Sebastian Bach, Martin Luther and Rudolf Martin Graebner, the first pastor of St John’s Church who stayed here for 52 years,” he said.

“It is exhilarating to be taking a dramatic part in WA Heritage month and helping recreate some simple but down-to-earth stories of how church, city and community can be married up.”

Former WAAPA student Joshua Bodenstaff, great-grandson of pastor Graebner, will portray Martin Luther, the German reformer and “revolutionary” of the 1500s who fathered protestantism.

Over 140 events are being held between April 18 and May 18 to celebrate WA heritage festival.

The Streets of Northbridge is showing at St John’s Church in Northbridge on May 11.

It will also host the historical drama In Perth for Good, centred around the first German and Latvian people to migrate to WA, on May 4.

The Streets choir has around 40 members including talented musicians from less-disadvantaged backgrounds.

It rehearses at St John’s Lutheran Hall in Aberdeen Street every Tuesday. People of all musical abilities are invited to head along and sing.


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