Alleged Johns face court

FIVE men will front court Thursday May 30 charged with offences under the prostitution act.

Vincent mayor Alannah MacTiernan is keen to name the men—if they’re convicted—as a deterrent to others seeking sex on Vincent’s streets, but her council is yet to sign off on the notion.

Police say they won’t actively help the council “name and shame” perpetrators, but it was the police who told the council the men had been arrested and would be facing court. Their names are publicly available (the Voice won’t report them unless they’re convcted).

Ms MacTiernan says she’s keen to name and shame “people who’ve been successfully convicted…not because we’re vengeful or vigilantes, but we do have to try to contain this problem and we see this as a very powerful deterrent”.

“It’s got to be a part of the strategy of dealing with this thing, of letting people know if they are convicted they won’t have anonymity.”

Chief ranger Simon Giles reports street prostitution is popular in the area because prices are low compared to brothels, with the street price averaging between $50 and $150.


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