Woolies loses hotel facelift

WOOLWORTHS’ $3.5 million plans to upgrade the Maylands Peninsula Tavern have been rejected by the local development assessments panel.

The application for the Railway Parade pub and bottleshop included a 743sqm Dan Murphy’s outlet, courtyards and family-style bistro, 123 car bays and two-storey offices above the liquor store.

The bottleshop element of the application proved unpopular with Bayswater city council and the Maylands Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association who say access to cheap grog is contributing to anti-social problems in the area.

Maylands Labor MP Lisa Baker says the ruling is a win for the local community.

“At the heart of the matter was the tavern’s bid to include an expansion of its liquor store, turning it into a much larger Dan Murphy’s liquor outlet.

“I support redevelopment that contributes to our vibrant Maylands community centre.

“However, the electorate does not need another destination discount liquor outlet when it is already adequately serviced by seven liquor shops.

“Maylands residents have made it clear that street drinking and subsequent anti-social behaviour is not welcome in our community.”

Maylands is home to community-based services that support people with alcohol-related issues, including 55 Central, Bulup Kulung Hostel, Derbal Didjar Hostel and Shopfront.

Last year other unelected planning authorities overrode council objections and approved a Coles Liquorland on Guildford Road.

That ultimately fell over when the WA liquor commission refused to grant a liquor licence on the grounds the 1250sqm outlet might harm “at-risk” people by providing access to plentiful cheap booze.

Council staff feared Woolworths’ plans for the hotel posed a similar risk, despite being half the size.

DAP presiding member Ian Hocking did not get back to the Voice before deadline to offer a reason for rejection.

Mayor Terry Kenyon said he was not allowed to comment as he’d sat on the DAP committee that assessed the application.


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