MP’s plea for slow zone

12. 781NEWS

Eleni Evangel and local parents and kids from North Perth primary school. Photo by David Bell

LIBERAL MP Eleni Evangel is taking on bureaucrats inside the WA government to get a 40kmh zone installed outside North Perth primary school.

The public transport authority will only slow traffic on roads that directly abut a school. Because a small park separates busy View Street from the school’s southern frontage it is technically ineligible.

View Street is a popular rat-run between Charles and Fitzgerald Streets and the new state MP for Perth says “common sense” dictates the zoning should go ahead: “I want to make sure that red tape and bureaucracy don’t stand in the way of our children’s safety.”

The MP is organising a petition to send to WA police minister Liza Harvey. Copies are at the school office and Ms Evangel’s HQ at 446 William Street.


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