To market

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The folk behind the Maylands Community Market veg up. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

MAYLANDS is to get a new community market.

It will be held every Saturday morning, between 8am and 1pm, between the RISE and Maylands Hall on Eighth Avenue. Stall holders will sell fresh local food, and arts and crafts.

The market is a joint venture between Maylands Lions Club and Events and Beyond, a commercial company.

Bayswater city councillor Marlene Robinson raised concerns the council was providing services—including rubbish collection—free of charge for a commercial organisation: “I think Events and Beyond are riding on the back of the Lions to get a guernsey,” she said.

The council voted to approve the venue hire, rent-free for 12 months.

Catherine Ehrhardt says locals have been asking for a local market for some time.


One response to “To market

  1. As current President of the Maylands Lions Club, I am so happy to see this market actually start to come together. It has been in the pipeline for a fair while, and it is due to the help of Events and Beyond, and the wonderful officers at City of Bayswater that we can help bring this to the community.

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