Spending a penny costs half-a-million

BAYSWATER city council is set to spend up to $448,000 on a toilet at Bayswater train station because the WA government is refusing to include one in its upgrade of the station.

The Bayswater development assessments panel had told the PTA to provide the loo and automatic ticket machines as part of its $7.25m upgrade of the station. But the PTA appealed to the state administrative tribunal, which has told the DAP to “reconsider” ahead of more mediation June 27.

Deputy mayor Barry McKenna says it’s another example of the WA government shifting its costs onto councils.

“The reality is the state government isn’t going to pay for this,” he says. “So we either have to pay for it or have no toilet there. We know that the train station has been problematic over the years, with people urinating and anti-social behaviour, so if he won’t don’t stump the cash up it will just continue.”


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