Fence for Forrest

The Forrest Park saga is nearing an end, with Vincent councillors voting to erect a barrier between soccer players and dog walkers.

The Perth Soccer Club opposes the barrier but dog walkers want it there so they can let their pooches run around off the leash. There’ve been occasional blow ups and shouting matches at the park.

“This has been a very difficult issue and one where there has been a lot of conflict,” mayor Alannah MacTiernan said at Tuesday’s meeting.

“Given the level of conflict we need a compromise solution.”


Councillors decided to plant vegetation partway across and they’re looking at options for a fence to be installed ready for next winter that’ll likely cost north of $65,000.

“People living in the area favour the barriers,” Ms MacTiernan said.

As it was passed a soccer supporter in the stands of the public gallery shook his head, no doubt muttering about the ref.

Cr Dudley Maier wanted to install a permanent garden bed along the boundary to separate them as it would look better than the off-the-shelf pool fence that was being used, but he was outvoted.


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