Flushing failures

• Toilet designs like this have failed to impress.

• Toilet designs like this have failed to impress.

Locals seemed deeply unimpressed by concept images for a toilet at the Hobart Street Reserve.

In May the council approved the outhouse, with Crs Josh Topelberg and John Pintabona opposing it.

The contentious khazi was the subject of 191 submissions, with 60 in favour but most opposed, concerned it would encourage anti-social behaviour and be a lair for drug users.

The council stumped up about $17,000 for a temporary toilet for a trial run, enough to pick up a second-hand industrial dunny. If it works a more permanent privy can be installed. But the concept images that came back didn’t impress, with token green lattice around the edge failing to disguise the utilitarian lav.

Nearby local Marcus West says he felt “disappointment” when he saw the images.

“I had hoped any option proposed would be more sympathetic to the park, and not something more fitting a building site or a festival”.

He said he could imagine “children in hardhats walking through the park, and maybe I’ll get on my raver gear and go over there”.

Fellow resident Peter Doyle said “the options presented are all quite dire”.

Given the “overwhelming public response” council should can the can plan, he said.

Mr Doyle invited councillors who voted for it to try to enjoy a picnic in the park once the john’s installed.

After seeing the images mayor Alannah MacTiernan moved a motion, “that it be deferred until something a bit more presentable comes back”.

That vote was won, but Cr Topelberg warned it might not be possible to do much better with the budgeted amount set aside for the second-hand thunder box.


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