LETTERS 6.7.13

15. 786LETTERSAre the homeless next?
I WOULD like to make the following comments regarding the “name and shame” website created by the City of Vincent (Voice, June 29, 2013).
I live in the area and have no objection to streetwalkers, people soliciting or, quite frankly, to people going for it hell-for-leather on the median strip as I drive past.
Some people are far too uptight and God knows there is little enough to do of an evening in Perth!
Vincent’s decision to take the law into its own hands is of concern. Parliament has ascribed penalties for particular offences and the police should be involved if criminal activity is taking place.
The council has no authority to issue penalties for crimes committed under the criminal code by adding its own to convicted kerb-crawlers.
Unlike many other crimes, such as drink-driving, this one does not even threaten lives. The council’s actions will reduce expedient resolutions in court as there is now no incentive to plead guilty and have the matter resolved, which will increase costs to the public by cluttering our justice system.
It will embarrass and defame innocent family members, including children at school by having them tarnished with the reputation by association. Although this information is freely available, the council is going out of its way to increase the harm done to families at the behest of residents who seem unaware they do not own the streets nor get to decide who uses them nor for what purpose.
Find another sport. Moral grandstanding is unbecoming and likely to bite back.
No doubt the council’s next move will be to name and shame the homeless in retaliation for ruining the streetscape.
Guy Varndell
Barnett St, North Perth

Knocking Shop no secret
835 Beaufort Street Inglewood (Voice, June 29, 2013) has always been a brothel. It was built for that purpose. Eight bedrooms. It has operated unopposed for many years.
Stirling council has known from the beginning it was a brothel. It has never been a massage parlour. It is ludicrous to suggest it has taken this long for council to act saying it believes the premises were being used for illegal prostitution.
And that some residents had complained. There is a real possibility that illegal immigration was involved.
Who is the owner? I asked the real estate agent and was told that under no circumstances would they give me the owner’s name. And why is the WA government putting the property on the market? Does the WA government own it?
The mayor says other illegal operators will take note. No, they won’t. There are numerous brothels across the metropolitan area and the cash registers are ringing.
Where is the owner? Has the owner paid or will the owner pay the $80,000 fine? Excellent outcome? Owner locks the gates and walks away?
Rangers bust their way in and search the joint. Would anybody owning a property worth millions simply walk away and leave a fortune behind? Will there be any further investigation of this matter?
I have gotten zero information from anybody. Before long the place will be vandalised and squatted in most likely. You know what happens to anything abandoned.
Raymond Conder
Central Ave, Inglewood

TO pick up from “They’re both winners” (Voice, June 29, 2013), ruthless editing would prevent any memoirs of the former First Bloke out-selling those of his partner, our most immediate former PM Julia Gillard.
In surmising further, one of Tim Mathieson’s “can’t wait” readers overseas would surely be the next most likely First Bloke, American past-president, Bill Clinton.
Impatience on his part would be understandable. Bill being as keen as anyone else might be for any tips from Tim. Such tips relevant in avoiding the multitude of pitfalls inherent to such a rare—even unique for Bill—predicament.
Bill would also benefit, of course, from his actually being long-time married to the next president Clinton, were good fortune of time and tide thus to endow Hillary.
You can do it, Tim. Should you need a ghost, well…
Charlie Benskin
Kingston St, Nedlands

IN relation to the historical period discussed in your article (“Monty Bible on display,” Voice, June 22, 2013) are you aware of Australia Post’s controversial commemoration of the Battle of Beersheba in 1917 in a joint issue with Israel—apparently disregarding the historical fact Israel did not exist in those days?
This stamp issue ignores the 4000-strong population of Palestinians who once lived in Beersheeba, fought along with the Australian 4th Light Horse Brigade in driving out the Turks and were themselves driven out when in 1948 Israel was created.
This Orwellian distortion of our history treats Australia’s activities in the Middle East campaign as a mere opportunity to elevate Israel’s image through an imagined but patently false association with our country’s forces. It insults the true memory of our soldiers, the Palestinians and the intelligence of anyone who values the truth.
Vincent Sammut
Franklin St, Leederville

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