Smooth and delicious

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BARRE, Perth


The Barre Lounge Cafe, in His Majesty’s Theatre, is “showbiz central” so you never know if you’ll spot a famous face, the eatery brags.

And blow me down if photographer Roger Garwood, and son Ben, weren’t having lunch there when Voice snapper Jeremy Dixon and I strolled in.

Okay so it’s not the same as spotting the likes of Angela Lansbury (in town for Driving Miss Daisy), but it was a very warm welcome with hugs, not air kisses, exchanged, along with gossip and the state of photography in this digital age where everyone with an iPhone and Instagram thinks they’re as good as a pro.

The matinee menu is not extensive but there’s a stellar cast, with something sure to please the most demanding of audiences, not to mention daily specials ($13) that change weekly.

Hiding under the heading “salad” I almost missed the lentil and sesame fritters ($19.50).

Which would have been a sad loss, as the torpedo-shaped patties were a star showing, with plenty of herbs and a liberal lacing of my favourite turmeric. Not to mention plenty of sesame seeds topping the crunchy outer casing.

The salad was like nothing I’ve had before: uber-thin slices of cucumber, carrot and radish, with a basil tzatziki on the side. Not usually a fan of cucumber I polished off the lot.

My lunch co-star went for the lemon and herb char-grilled chicken salad ($20.90).

The tender slices of chicken came with crunchy cos, avocado, semi-dried tomato and a sweet harissa mayonnaise.

“It was superb!” he exclaimed as the last morsel disappeared.

After a brief interval to allow the food to settle, we were still so full we decided to share dessert, a passionfruit tart ($8.20), drizzled with a mango sauce. So rich. Yum.

My long black coffee washing it down was smooth and delicious, leaving a pleasing after-taste with nary a sign of bitterness.

Jeremy thought the same, but then he did ladle four sugars into his cup, so it was unlikely to be bitter.

Replete in every sense, after a relaxing and delicious meal in the gorgeous setting of the heritage-listed His Majesty’s it was time to exit stage left and head back to the office.


His Majesty’s Theatre
826 Hay Street, Perth
Open Mon–Fri 9am–4pm, and evenings and weekends for all major performances on the main stage  


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