Big jump for Pride

•The Jump Climb lads at their Beaufort Street digs. Photo by Jeremy Dixon

•The Jump Climb lads at their Beaufort Street digs. Photo by Jeremy Dixon

From humble beginnings as a side-line project during uni, Mt Lawley based Jump Climb events management has picked up the handling of this year’s Pride festival.

“Our first event was Coopers Barefoot Bowls in Mount Lawley,” Paul Fletcher chuckles.

The company ran a few music shows at venues around Perth and music for Rottofest, then hit the big time when it won the tender for the Beaufort Street festival—now the biggest one-day festival in the city with more than 100,000 people.

Now they’ve been taken on board for this year’s Pridefest.

It’s a tough gig: Traditionally Pride has lost money on its festivals and has needed bailing out on several occasions.

“We’re not here to dwell on the past… we’re just really excited to see the growth and development in the future,” Mr Fletcher says.

A big change is also on the horizon for this November’s parade, with the traditionally night-time knees up moving to the day.

“I think it’ll be great,” Mr Fletcher says.

“Internationally, the biggest [pride parades] are generally in the day.

“The idea of the Pride parade being during the day is to really incorporate businesses around Northbridge as well, so the guys who are such big advocates of the parade get decent daytime trade and get involved as well.

This year’s fairday, usually held the same month as the parade, will be moved to February. And for those worried the edgy nature of the nighttime entertainment will be lost by the move to the daytime parade, a new event is planned for the evening set with a big party at Russell Square.



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