McGrath ponders tilt for mayor

• Warren McGrath

• Warren McGrath

Vincent deputy mayor Warren McGrath isn’t ruling out a tilt at the top job.

“I haven’t discounted it,” he says.

An associate and state manager with Eco Logical Australia environmental consultants, he says he’d have to carefully consider his career and the best interests of the company before making a tilt.

Cr McGrath says he’d quit his job if he was elected.

“I wouldn’t want to do the job unless I was able to give it everything I could.”

But he also wants some clarity about the future of his council.

“It’s a little unclear what’s happening at the moment with the timing of elections and local government reform—there’s a lot that I’d have to consider [along with] my own family and friends.”

Cr John Carey says he’s also considering it.

“I have had local residents approach me to run, which has been really nice to get that feedback.”

He says the council’s efforts at sprucing up town centres has been well received by locals and he’d want that to continue.

“We’ve seen some incredible momentum over the past two years with the new council. I think everyone’s acknowledged that, people are saying things are moving, longstanding issues are finally being resolved. So I really want that to continue. My biggest concern is that I don’t want us to lose momentum.”

Cr Carey, who currently works on environmental campaigns as WA manager of Pew Charitable Trusts, also said he’d drop his job if elected.

“It’s something you have to give your all to.”

There’s whisper around town that former councillors might make a reappearance at October’s elections.

Simon Chester (who unsuccessfully contested the 2007 election) has been an occasional sight in the public gallery at council meetings.

He says “I’m not that happy with the direction that Vincent’s taking, so there is a bit of motivation there, but at the moment I have other commitments.

“I’m not happy with the level of consultation [and how] decisions seem to be made from the top down.”

The Voice tried to get in touch with former councillor Sally Lake, who had two attempts at the mayoralty, to see if she was pondering round three. We didn’t hear back before going to print.



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