Vincent ‘doomed’

Perth/Stirling split the ‘worst case scenario’

Vincent looks to be split down the middle in what the mayor describes as “a very poor outcome” for ratepayers.

Alannah MacTiernan has heard Perth will gobble up the bit to Bulwer or Vincent Street. The rest will be swept into Stirling.

She would have preferred all of Vincent going into the capital, to protect its growing inner-city vibe.

“[Stirling’s] a very big council, it deals with a lot of suburban issues, it is fundamentally different in its feel and I think it will be a very poor outcome.”

Ms MacTiernan isn’t alone: Stirling mayor David Boothman doesn’t like the Solomonesque solution either.

“To be quite frank, I think Stirling’s big enough,” he says. “We don’t need another aquatic centre, and we believe there’s a level of debt that would come with that.”

Cr John Carey, who chairs the Beaufort Street Network, says a split is “the worst-case scenario for our local community”.

“It just would not make any sense to put inner-city areas like Highgate, parts of Mount Lawley around Beaufort Street, and Angove Street, into a suburban council. It seems crazy that we’ve got this incredible inner-city vibrant area that’d be put under the City of Stirling which has a different direction.”

He says Stirling is more conservative than Vincent, illustrated by the difference between Stirling’s end of Beaufort Street and Vincent’s (a divide that locals call the “Berlin Wall”).

“I’ve been doorknocking in the local community and I don’t get any residents coming to me saying ‘yes I want to be in the city of Stirling’.

“The boundaries of the council should be guided by communities of interest: That is, how are the locals connected, interwoven, to be a community.”

Ms MacTiernan is due to meet with the local government minister on Tuesday to get the final word on where lines will be drawn.


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