Letters 3.8.13

11. 790LETTERSA waste of resources
OPPOSING inevitable changes to council boundaries is a total waste of time and misuse of resources, encouraged by those whose main concern is for their own job or, in some cases, a bid for votes in the federal election.
In all the rhetoric there are no factual reasons given as to why a shift to Stirling is such a bad thing. To be so elitist as to consider yourself too good for just a “suburban” council is an absurd thing to say, especially for someone who promises that “by working together, we can really get things happening in Perth”.
In 2011 federal funding was Vincent $900,000, Stirling $5.8m, Perth $680,000.
So if you like the idea of high-density, living next to small bars and having to pay to park when you go to the shops then maybe joining the “inner-city” urban council of Perth is for you.
But for those in Mt Hawthorn and North Perth who like their sprawling blocks, big backyards, on-site parking and choice of schools then Stirling is not going to do anything to take that away.
Don’t be fooled by empty claims that Stirling has different priorities.
All councils’ first priority should be its people. To facilitate communication and represent the interest of the people in its electorate is the role that they play.
If you really are concerned with what goes on in your community, go to council meetings, create community groups and participate in local council decisions.
Don’t be apathetic, because it’s up to us all to ensure through open and transparent local government, that we make our communities great places to live. . .no matter which electorate that is.
Debbie Saunders
Oxford St, Leederville

A right spray
G’DAY. Did any Voicelanders see 4 Corners last week?
“DDT” mixed with “safe” pesticides (glyphosate; “you could drink it”).
What is the City of Bayswater spraying on parks, children’s playgrounds and your footpath?
What is the water authority spraying on creek reserves that flow into the Swan River? Does this have anything to do with dolphin deaths?
Combined with amenity-destroying densification (“Claustroburbia”, Perth Voice, July 13, 2013) metropolitan Perth must have a goal of ecocide.
You can read a lot of claptrap about the triple bottom line [economic, social and environmental] benefits, but what about the costs? All you need to do is look around your kith and you will see the step-by-step destruction. House by house, tree by tree, verge by verge. Less rain and more heat.
And the new town planning proposals for 120sqm lots [if implemented, like a blunt instrument] will absolutely facilitate this vandalism. Relying on individual lot heritage listing will see your locality destroyed, as will the idea that it’s OK to demolish a house if it isn’t “a heritage building” (“Mini blocks spook Vincent,” Perth Voice, July 20, 2013).
The whole is more than the sum of the parts, but if you eliminate the non-heritage parts the whole is destroyed—the whole elements in this example being streetscape, roofscape, treescape … elements that combine to create your amenity (which town planning law is supposed to preserve).
Greg Smith
Town planner
Rose Ave, Bayswater

Vincent vibrancy risk
THE decision by premier Colin Barnett and minister Tony Simpson not to accept either of the two options for redefining local government boundaries in greater Perth begs the question: why bother at all with an independent panel?
Reading through recent media reports it seems the premier had already decided upon certain aspects of the new boundaries. For residents in what is now the City of Vincent, there will be a loss of inner-city focus, as we look north to Stirling for council services, supports and governance, and, if the premier’s view is followed, we the loss of access to our wonderful local library and Loftus community centre (to the City of Perth), both of which form part of an active hub for Vincent residents.
It is unlikely residents living in what is now Vincent will find such an accessible, vibrant and meaningful local centre within the greater urban expanse of Stirling.
It is to be hoped the meetings the mayors are having with the premier and his minister this week will encourage re-consideration of this decision.
Geraldine Box
Alma Rd, North Perth

Mayor broke promise
VINCENT’S inept planning continues, now with the rollout of micro lots (Voice, July 20, 2013). Vincent’s town planners regularly meet with the coarse, density-driven rule maker, the WA planning commission.
They are either indifferent or asleep to have realised the impact of micro lots on character areas just two weeks before they become fact. Mayor MacTiernan, what happened to your promise to fix Vincent’s planning?
Simon Chester
Chelmsford Rd, Mt Lawley
The Ed says: Mr Chester is a former Vincent town councillor.

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