Lib ducks debates

ALANNAH MacTIERNAN says her Liberal opponent Darryl Moore may be too delicate for the hard knocks of politics.

Darryl Moore was a no-show for two live debates with the Vincent mayor, who is Labor’s federal candidate for Perth, and he continually ducks media questions.

He point-blank refused to appear with Ms MacTiernan on 6PR Drive last Friday, avoiding a golden opportunity to press the case for his election.

He’d earlier called in sick for an on-air tussle on ABC’s 7.30 program, sending in his place Liberal senator Mathias Cormann—who is believed to be running his campaign.

“This isn’t a job for the faint-hearted,” Ms MacTiernan says.

“Some people just aren’t cut out for the rigours of public life.

“I believe 6PR offered him a series of alternative times and dates, but he declined them all.”

The Voice contacted 6PR but didn’t hear back.

We phoned Mr Moore for comment but instead received a call back from Liberal media minder Joey Armenti, who asked us to ask him the questions, which he would put to Mr Moore, and then get back to us with an answer.

Later, we received a written response about Mr Moore being more interested in door-knocking than debating his high-profile Labor opponent.

“Often politicians are seen as talking heads on the TV or faceless voices on the radio talking at people rather than listening and meeting face to face, one on one,” the statement read.

On other occasions, the Voice has asked Mr Moore to nominate local issues he considers the most pressing. In reply, he’s told us he must consult with his campaign team, before replying with approved party lines about stopping boats and the carbon tax.

Ms MacTiernan—who hopes to replace retiring Labor incumbent Stephen Smith—says she’s itching to participate in a free-wheeling town hall-style debate with Mr Moore, saying, “let’s get it on!”


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