No Moore 457s: Union

09. 790NEWSAn anti-457 visas billboard has been erected on the building that houses the campaign office of federal Perth Liberal candidate Darryl Moore, a vocal supporter of the 457 scheme.

The CFMEU wants employers to put more energy into training local apprentices, rather than going overseas for skilled labour.

The Voice rang Mr Moore to ask him if he’d seen the billboard, and what he thought of it: “Yes, of course I’ve seen it,” he replied, testily. “My stand on the 457 issue is exactly the same as the Liberal party.”

He then went on to claim the Voice and other media outlets had “twisted” his words last week regarding his stance on equal marriage (he opposes it).

The Australian Marriage Equality lobby’s Brian Greig is pushing Mr Moore to reveal his stance on a conscience vote, which could be critical post-election in the event Mr Moore wins Perth and Tony Abbott takes the country: “That was twisted and contorted by both [Greig], and you, and the West Australian,” Mr Moore said.  “You gave me a very unfair run and you didn’t encourage me to speak to you in a civil and cordial manner. I think it was very unfair reporting of you.” As the Voice was asking him how we’d twisted his words, he said he’d issue a media release, and then hung up.



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